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:jsenn: 2/03/04
Welcome to the Green Dragoon HeadQuarters!

In case you are wondering who we are, we are a crazy group of artists that absolutely LOVE Col. William Tavington from the movie, "The Patriot".

We accept ANY fanart from 'The Patriot' or the Revolutionary War, along with Harry Potter (Lucius Malfoy) fanart. We now accept Capt. Hook fanart too!

Post a message that you would like to join, and the founder will add your artwork to the favorites gallery.


:iconlilly-nishba: :icontavington: :iconmisscassidy: :iconnayrusaville: :icondinblaze: :iconrockerbaby688: :iconsweetdemise: :iconaoiro:
:iconaugustrain:  :iconthingrodiel: :iconkaenhoushaki: :iconasarea: :icontrinity666: :iconellygator::icondrizzledrain:

:iconharrisonfordclub: :iconpotc: :iconthefarsideoftheworld: :icondeviant4movies: :iconwhat-the-dickens:
:iconthe-pillbox: :iconluciusmalfoy-club:

:butterflytwo: UPDATES:butterflytwo:

:jsenn: 9.22.04 - YES, we ARE alive!!! Please submit some art to keep this place going!!

:jsenn: 6.28.04 - Let us welcome our two new members, :iconcaptain-blackbird: and :iconagent-sarah6: !
Aha! MissDavies is moving up the ranks! Thank you for the two new treats!
There are some new places to congregate, both made my Stagsleap. First, there is a new Lucius hangout on a very popular forum that is simply buzzing. It is well worth a look:…

There is also its brother thread, a Col. Tavvy group:…

We hope to see you there! ^^

:jsenn: 6.13.04 - Sorry about my laziness; Cecil vanished and now I'm all alone. :cry:

:jsenn: 6.7.04  - Welcome out two new members- :iconthingrodiel: :iconkaenhoushaki:

jsenn: 6.1.04 - A big hug to our new member,missdavies! We can't wait to see your work!

:jsenn: 5/13/04 - A piece added by Nyaar and the ranking system added!

:jsenn: 5/11/04 - Give a warm welcome to our two new members, Aoiro and AugustRain! We hope to see some nice art from you! ^^
A HUGE thanks to Mel for submitting her portrait of Tavvy to the mian gallery! THANK YOU!

To get you guys to post more art in the gallery, there will be a new ranking system coming. ^^
:jsenn: 4/30/04 - Give a big hug to :iconnyaar:, our new member!
Stagslies bit of nonsense:

:jsenn: 4/27/04 A new member! Meet :iconjavadoodle:!

Stagsleap's random bit of nonsense:
Go here:
...And Just pretend Jason's singing it....

:jsenn: 4/7/04 - We have 2 new Tavvy crazy member: :iconsweetdemise: and :iconluciusfan: !

:jsenn:4/2/04 Hope you had a pleasent April Fools! Stagsleap added one new art piece and we have a new member!  

:jsenn: 3/19/04 Some weekend treats from Stagsleap.
Would you like to know more about the real horsemanship of the GDs? I've found some movies that give a good depiction of some of the battle movements that Tarelton and his gang would have used. You will be amazed!

These videos take a while to load, but they are worth it! The music is nice too. ^^
All movements are just about in chronological order. ^^

Go to :
~Crucero Video -
Extended trot
Spanish walk
half pass

~Alborozo Video- (I highly recommend this guy)
Extended trot
(3:00) Mezaire (hopping rear - he doesn't really go anywhere in this clip, but in a proper mezaire, he would go foreward)
!!!Capriole (This could take off a person's head. Easily.)!!!
Spanish Walk (AKA extended walk)
Piaffe (trot in place)
Extended trot

~~All of these movies would have been used in battle to kill/stun enemies (with the exception of the spanish walk which would be used to show off)

:jsenn: 3/17/04 A New Member! Say hello to :icondinblaze:!
-Stagsleap added one new colored pencil drawing.

:jsenn: 3/9/04 - A big welcome to :iconnayrusaville:, our new member!

:jsenn: 3/8/04 - :iconstagsleap: added one new ink drawing. ^^

:jsenn: 2/25/04 - Meet :icontavington: our new, totally crazed member! Go check out her gallery while Stagsleap adds art to the fave gallery, and if the admins eat her brains out with a bent straw, she put the URLs in the journal instead. :pc:
C'mon dearest members! Let's live up to :tavington:'s mania and draw draw draw, and write writre write!!!!!
      love, :iconstagsleap:

:jsenn: /2/4/04 - Added some screenshots and two art pieces by Stags to the gallery + a new member!

           It doesn't just have to be the Patriot now, he's also a beautiful blonde in Harry Potter's TCoS!!  This guy's got so many movies to his name, why limit to just one XD!?
          When you have a deviation ready for us to drool on, please send us a note giving the title and the link to it- we'll post the link right here in the journal along with your name and icon.  Unfortunately the easiest way to do this- by +faving your devs- is "illegal" as far as the admins are concerned.  Look forward to seeing all your work! :D


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greenwinters Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i loved the movie the patriot we watched it for history class heath ledger rocks
TheDreamer69 Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2008
Oh can I join? I absolutely love Jason! :love:

I don't have very much artwork of him except for pictures promoting my fanfic with Lucius Malfoy...but I am working on a few things.

Anyway...Hope to hear from you soon.:)
Duco-Azukari Featured By Owner May 25, 2008
Wah!!! Can I please, please join?

I've become a Tavington-worshipper recently and I don't want to beg, but I think I must! LOL ;)
XxWonkaxX Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2006
Could I join?
my-ain-sel Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2006  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Lucius is the sex.

"Now, now Draco. Play nicely."
ColonelLiamRoss Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2006  Professional Artisan Crafter
This is GREAT!!!! Will Tavington is the shiz! =D

May I join the ranks of your esteemed company?

A lot of my art is 18th century-related - not much on Tavington/The Patriot...yet. So I suppose it kinda fits the requirements. But I did finish my British Legion jacket today! :w00t: Historical re-enactment is a damn fine thing...

Watched the Patriot AGAIN last night and wished AGAIN that Tavington would have wasted Mel at the end instead... Har har.
Classically-DePunk Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2010  Student Writer
What? you support a cold-murderer? I cheered when Mel when wasted him!!
ColonelLiamRoss Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2010  Professional Artisan Crafter
I absolutely do!
Classically-DePunk Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2010  Student Writer
Quite intriguing, I based an Oc of mine on Tavington....
But it is a love hate aspect I have for Tavington, I was quite pleased he was wasted so...
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